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Sensei Jerry Morrone                                                                                                                        

Sensei Jerry Morrone

6th Dan
Certified Instructor.
Japanese Shotokan Karate (JSKA), (JKA) (MMSK)

Training Since 1967

Sensei Morrone has attained rank from:

David G. Kostinchuck;

Sensei Kostinchuck trained exclusively with Mr. Takeshi Sasaki, founder of Chidokan Dojo (JKF) Japanese Karate Federation in Japan.

Shojiro Sugiyama (JKA). Japanese Karate Association of Chicago Illinois.

Hidetaka Nishiyama: (JKA, AAKF, ITKF), Japanese Karate Association, All American Karate Federation, The International Traditional Karate Federation, Chief Instructor in U.S.A.

Masatoshi Nakayama (JKA) Japanese Karate Association, Chief Instructor in Japan.

James Morrone (JSKA) Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do Association in Michigan

Roku-Dan; (6th Degree) Awarded by the Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do Assn. JKA, Chief Instructor; Carole Morrone, Komon; Brian Frost 8th Dan, Koei-Kan Karate and Koji Oshima, 7th Dan, Fukugo Karate Kai.

In 1972 Sensei Morrone competed in Chicago Illinois at the Great Lakes Regional Tournament and won a position to be on a five man team. The team was then allowed to compete in Los Angeles California for the final eliminations for the U.S. Team.

In California he competed and won a position on a five man team with two alternates to represent the United States in the Second World Tournament in Paris France. Other Team members were Tony Tullerners, John Gehlsen, Frank Smith (Capt.), George Byrd, James Yabe, and James Field.

Despite controversy brought up by Chuck Norris and some others, the team was selected. The team went on to Paris France and competed with 44 other countries.

Half way through the first day of competition, problems arose over judging, and some teams having the ability to rotate their line-up, and others did not. Despite protests, the tournament went on. Then the Japanese team withdrew from the competition. U.S.A., Canada and several other teams followed suit. The competition went on with France winning the tournament.

Featured in Black Belt Magazine, June 1972 and samurai Magazine Vol. One number 3. Also Check 1972 WUKO Karate Championships Paris France.

This photo of Sensei Jerry Morrone was taken at J.S.K.A. Central Dojo. The J.S.K.A. was founded by the late O'Sensei James Morrone and is now owned by Sensei Carole Morrone. This organization has over 40 years of tradition. 

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